Apache Post 27


Honor/Color Guard

Captain: Bob Schaffner

Art by D. Rainwater

Volunteers Needed

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Honor Guard

American Legion Post 27 designates an "Honor Guard" as a unit that provides funeral and/or graveside services at the request of the immediate family and/or the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona. This unit may perform all aspects of the ceremony if there are no active military personnel available, or at the funeral director's request after consultation with the family. The ceremony would consist of a poem, a prayer, flag folding & presentation, playing of taps, and a rifle salute.

In most cases there will be active duty military available for the flag folding ceremony and the playing of taps. They provide the ceremony commander or leader. The Honor Guard provides a Rifle Squad Commander and five to eight riflemen. 

The Honor Guard must present a professional and dignified presence at these ceremonies. Anything less dishonors the family, and the veteran whom we are honoring. The Honor Guard is always humbled to be present during these services.

The Post 27 Honor Guard has a standing commitment to provide a Firing Squad for burials as requested at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona every Tuesday in January, April, July, and October of each year.

Color Guard

American Legion Post 27 designates a "Color Guard" as a unit that presents the colors at various public events such as parades, school activities, veteran functions, and patriotic programs. The color guard may be as simple as carrying the American, POW/MIA, and Legion flags. Or it may consist of a full color guard unit that adds all of the military branch flags.

A rifle escort is always included for the American flag.

Flag precedence in both static displays and marching formations are in accordance with the regulations outlined in various Legion and Military documents. 

Booking Information

Post 27 Honor/Color Guard is available for private bookings, for inquiries, please contact:

American Legion Apache Post 27 Honor/Color Guard

National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona
23029 North Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ 85024
Phone: (480) 513-3600


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